Download Casper theme from ghost admin


Just downloaded casper zip file from design tab in the ghost admin . Why was that ? Or should i just clone from casper github repository ?

Hi @Jehan_Musa

I’m making the assumption that you saw this on Google Chrome. This is due to Google Safe Browsing and is a warning that the browser gives you to let you know that they haven’t got any data about your site / the file you’re downloading yet:

“Uncommonly downloaded” warning

If Google Safe Browsing hasn’t seen a particular binary before, Chrome may warn that it is uncommonly downloaded and could be dangerous. In these cases the warnings are lifted automatically if Google Safe Browsing verifies that it is benign.

– Malware and Unwanted Software Overview | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers

The warning lets a user know that they should exercise usual levels of caution with the file as they have no information relating to the file url. As with all warnings, you can choose to ignore them if you’re confident the file is harmless.




Yes i am using google chrome . Thanks for the answer . Now i know why was that . I thought the file contain something that i should not download . My thought was completely wrong .

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