Drafts - Display additional info

In drafts, it displays Title, Tag, By, and Last Updated.

I’d like to see this page have a bit more info:

  1. Characters / words - Something to indicate how long it is.

  2. I’d really like some place to take notes on a draft. “This just needs clean-up”, “Random idea”, “perhaps duplicate?” - things like that. Either a new field, or you could display excerpt on this page and I’d use that field for notes (which would be silly, but could work fine).

  3. Folders. It’d be lovely if we could create folders and drag/drop drafts into them. Would help a ton in organizing the in-flight articles.

Ghost already includes a word counter in the bottom right:

For organization, I like to use filtered views in the sidebar. You could set up one up for drafts or specific tags.