Working around lack of "Archive" feature

The term “Drafts” normally refers an article not yet published.

In Ghost, there is no separate category currently for posts that have been published and then un-published: Posts that are suitably for being offline archived and not yet deleted.

Ghost normally mixes these posts in with the true draft posts, marking them all as “drafts”. This is confusing and makes it hard to find the “Actual Drafts”. I found a workaround.

All the posts that are /actually drafts/ can be tagged with #drafts. Then, search for this tag. Finally, create a new “view” with this tag and name it something like “Actually Drafts”.

The result is now in the left-hand admin navigation, you’ll see a new navigation entry for “Actually Drafts” under Posts and can use this to filter the list of posts to those with actually drafts and not archived.

Why would you archive something? What use could removing content have ever from the site?

My personal blog is a portfolio of my best work. Some ages better than others.

When I “weed the garden” some expired content gets tossed completed.Then there some others that I archive. I’m not ready to delete it, maybe it will inspire some future work, but I’m going to have it live right now.

When I readers click from the bottom of one post to the next, I want them to be equally delighted. All my old content doesn’t make the cut.


I guess another option would be to have an archive tag and filter that stuff to a different part of the site that maybe you don’t even link to. Suitable for content that you don’t want totally gone (maybe with a header indicating it needs updating?) but not for anything that truly needs to be gone

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Ha! I visited the forum this evening to suggest an ‘archive’ category … and here’s a potential solution :grinning: .

I needed this to enable me to update posts, moving them from ‘free’ to ‘paid’. The topic is updated completely, so some of the content is not re-used, but archiving the old version saves me having to keep the content somewhere else for reference purposes.

I’ve struggled to save a draft - having only added a tag such as #archived - without either editing the text content, or (and this is easier) previewing the content.

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