Zapier action for delete Member?

I am using Zapier to update Revue every time I get a new Member in Ghost. This seems to work well, but there is no reverse action (yet?).

If someone unsubscribes from Revue, there is no matching Zap to delete a Member in Ghost. I assume this is coming, but I thought I would officially ask :slight_smile:

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Hey @stevemitchell :wave:. This is a known limitation of the beta. I’ll submit this feedback to the team, thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you.

The only thing I would say, as I know somewhere someone will say “this is beta, your mileage may vary” and that Subscribers was a Labs feature for years in Ghost 2.x and many of us became reliant on it. With the upgrade to 3.0, especially with Ghost(pro), we have no choice - Subscribers is gone, and Members is now the only option. For those of us who have used Subscribers as a way to manage email lists, we have no way to delete anything anymore, so it’s essentially a removal of a feature we had before.

Again, I realize it is beta, but I would hope this gets prioritized high in the list of things to do since many of us have broken workflows now, and no alternative other than to leave Ghost(pro) and go back to 2.x self-hosted which I absolutely want nothing to do with :slight_smile:

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Not only is there no parity between Subscriber events and Member events, the event format itself has also changed. Events used to include the type of event, e.g.

  • subscriber.added
  • subscriber.deleted
  • site.changed.

That is no longer the case. I understand APIs do change, but please document the changes. And flag regressions ahead of time.

At the time of writing this post, Custom + Ghost still lists the old events and is a 404.

Thank you for this feedback. I understand your gripes, and we very much appreciate your awareness of the context and the tone you delivered this feedback in :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @bartt. The webhooks link you posted does work, if you click on it then it’ll redirect you to the latest version (v3) of the webhooks docs. However thanks for reporting that internal link, we’ve now updated it so it directly navigates to the v3 webhooks docs. Here’s a direct link for anyone else arriving on this thread:

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Thank you for fixing those links @DavidDarnes. I would love to see the inclusion of event examples.

Or at least mention how one can use to inspect what a (test) event includes.

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Hey @stevemitchell @bartt

Good news! We’ve shipped member.deleted and member.edited webhooks, which are also available in the Zapier integration under “Member Deleted” and “Member Updated”.

The Webhooks page has been updated accordingly:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: