Editable confirmation messages

I want to change the default confirmation email that comes from Ghost. The text is not on-brand for me. And the emoji seems to be problematic. It’s potentially triggering spam filters. I see no way to edit it, however. Any suggestions?

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It is not possible for Ghost(pro) users. But if you self-host your website, core files can be edited. They are in path {your ghost folder}/versions/{latest_version_number}/core/server/services/members/emails/signup.js.

Email structure is hard-coded inside that Javascript file.

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I assume this is only possible with self-hosted Ghost, right?

I am just on the Ghost (Pro) tier where they host everything for me.

Also, to my understanding, if I am self-hosted, Ghost will not be able to send e-mails for me to my subscribers, no?

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Exactly, as a self-hosted user, you have access to certain underlying files that can be edited. As a Ghost (Pro) user, you don’t have the ability to deeply customize Ghost itself, and your bulk emails are managed automatically by Ghost(Pro).

When you self-host, you have to configure a Mailgun account for bulk email delivery and set it up in Ghost Admin yourself.

We can hope that future updates of Ghost will bring new features, such as editable email messages.

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Appreciate it!

Do you know if deliverability suffers when using Mailgun rather than Ghost (Pro)?

But for someone who just wants to monetize their newsletter/membership site, wouldn’t it just be easier to stick to Ghost (Pro) rather than going self-hosted?

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Ghost(pro) is using Mailgun under the hood too. So you will not gain any advantage in email delivery. Ghost(pro) just configured it all for you instantly, so you don’t have to waste time fighting with servers on your own. Mailgun is very reputable email delivery service, used by thousands of developers worldwide.

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