Editing the Dashbaord in Ghost Admin

Does anyone know where to find the file responsible for the dashboard?
I would like to remove all the stuff that’s just in the way of a clean UI.

I wouldn’t recommend editing core files and since its the Admin panel that only staff see - not worth it in my 2c.

Though, to answer your question. The Admin panel is a different repo and very well organized. You’ll want to head to app → templates → dashboard.hbs and its a basic handlebars (much like themes) for the template.

I did not know it was a separate part. Just reviewed Admin/dashboard.hbs at main · TryGhost/Admin · GitHub

I’ll make that change since I cannot stand the clutter they put in.

Do you know where I can find this when logged into my server using FiileZilla? Feel like I checked everywhere.

Admin is a javascript application, the source files are compiled to a few JS and CSS files that then get included in the distribution, you won’t find the source files on your server.

Details on building Ghost from source are in the docs https://ghost.org/docs/install/source/

Ah, okay. Thanks! (Now I get it :slight_smile: )