Admin dashboard template missing


I installed Ghost 4.2.1 from source and I’m unable to load the admin dashboard.
According to logs, this file is missing:

no such file or directory, stat '/var/lib/ghost/core/server/web/admin/views/default.html

I searched through the related repositories and could only find configurations that reference this file, therefore I was unable to simply download it manually and copy it.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Have you followed the full from-source installation instructions?

Yes, and I created a Dockerfile with some minor modifications.

Here it is:

FROM node:14-alpine3.13

RUN apk add --no-cache 'su-exec>=0.2'

RUN apk add --no-cache git openssh python3 make; \
	ln -sf python3 /usr/bin/python

RUN apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-deps g++ gcc libc-dev make python3 vips-dev;

RUN apk add --no-cache \
# add "bash" for "[["

SHELL ["/bin/bash", "-c"]

ENV GHOST_INSTALL /var/lib/ghost
ENV GHOST_CONTENT /var/lib/ghost/content

ENV NODE_ENV development

RUN mkdir -p "$GHOST_INSTALL"; \
        chown node:node "$GHOST_INSTALL"

ADD docker-temp-copy $GHOST_INSTALL


RUN sqlite3Version="$(node -p 'require("./package.json").optionalDependencies.sqlite3')"; \
        if ! su-exec node npm install "sqlite3@$sqlite3Version"; then \
                npm_config_python='python3' su-exec node npm install "sqlite3@$sqlite3Version"; \

RUN chmod -R 777 /usr/local/lib/node_modules ; \
	chmod -R 777 /usr/local/bin ; \
	chmod -R 777 $GHOST_INSTALL ; \
  rm config.development.json ;

ADD config.development.json config.development.json

RUN su-exec node yarn global add knex-migrator ember-cli grunt-cli ; \
  	su-exec node yarn add grunt grunt-cli

RUN su-exec node yarn ; \
          su-exec node yarn setup

COPY /usr/local/bin

CMD ["su-exec", "node", "yarn", "dev"]

Why are you making a docker file for this? What are you trying to achieve?

Did you follow the instructions exactly, including the Admin submodule setup? I’d suggest ditching Docker and following the instructions as they are before you complicate the process.

Previously I ran this by setting up based on the instructions. Rechecked, still works fine that way.
Though it would have been important due to portability to have this Dockerized, I’ll go on with the simpler solution for a while, as suggested.

Answering my question:
Simply patching this file from CDN where it is already built seems to be the most reliable solution, I downloaded it from here:

I wouldn’t call that a solution. The file being missing points to your setup being incorrect and the admin client is not being built. If you’re running from source then there’s no guarantee that a published version from an older version of the Admin source will work with the latest main in Ghost.

You’re right, it’s rather a hotfix.