Edition Theme - Mastodon Icon in top right corner

The standard theme has a Twitter icon and link in the top right corner.

I’ve managed to use this page

To add a Mastodon link, but would like it to line up with the other links in the top right corner.

Can you share a link with your site?
It would be useful to take a look, otherwise, it’s hard to tell why you are having alignment issues.

Sorry. Slack of me. I meant to reply two days ago.

My site is at https://billbennett.co.nz

The Mastodon icon shows up at the centre of the display. I think it needs to sit inside gh-head-actions. not gh-head-menu.

I need some help moving the Mastodon icon from its lonely spot in a central social media menu to the small menu on the top right of the theme, next to the Twitter icon.