Edition theme - thumbnails on index page

I’ve ported my site from Wordpress to Ghost. The images have come across, but are now embedded in the HTML box on each post page. None of them show as thumbnails on the index page - that’s OK, I expected that. As a test I added the first image on the first post as a seperate image and hoped to see that appear as an index page thumbnail, it doesn’t, but I can’t see any obvious option to make this happen.

What do I need to do to make these images show as thumbnails in the index?

Are you making your images featured images? Most themes grab the featured image, not just the ‘first’ image in the post.

You need your featured images added like this: Image preview under post headings in Solo - #2 by Cathy_Sarisky

Now, having said that, it sounds like maybe your port didn’t work as well as it could have. Ideally, whatever tool you used to do the porting would have set up your featured images for you, assuming you had them set up in WordPress.

Ah. They are not featured images… just plain old images. It’s not immediately obvious that they have to be featured to show up in the index. Thanks for letting me know.