Error in Newletter signup

I have installed ghost in the Digital ocean droplet. I am using the alto theme. I have set up everything, but I am facing an issue with the newsletter signup.

Whenever someone tried to signup, An error message is displayed. The error is “Failed to signup, please try again”. I have attached a picture of the same below.

What could the reason for this error? And how can I resolve this?

When that happened to me, it was because of non existent / incorrect SMTP details in the config.production.json file on the server. You can use your MailGun postmaster account for this (worked for me).

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Where do I get MailGun postmaster account details

From your MailGun account. You’ll need that for sending out posts by email.

If you’re not planning on doing that and if you’re only planning on having paid subscribers-- you don’t need a MailGun account.

If you only want transactional emails, you can use whatever email provider you like – such as Gmail.

I have made the necessary changes to the config.production.json file and added the api key and other details in my ghost settings. But I am still facing the same issue. Is there anything else I have to do?

Have you done a ghost restart after adding the details you config file? If not, do so. That should take care of it as long as all the details are correct.

i have done that as well. Still the problem persists.

Then either the MailGun settings in Ghost admin is incorrect or the email setting in your config.production.json is incorrect.

If both are correct, I advise you to ask a Ghost staff member for additional advise.

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Thanks for the help. I see what else I can do.