Email Template Customization

Is it available now?

I do not think so

Consider the fact that I’m completely new with using Ghost and that you seem to know what you’re talking about, may I ask you this;

Can we copy these files to the theme and that way, prevent core override on update / upgrade or is editing core files the only option? For example; WordPress does child themes for this reason.


I am sure there’s an option. Seems to be a solution in this thread, but it seems to require core file editing… not sure though…

Yes and if you pay for Ghost Pro, you are locked and cannot modify Ghost file to translate newsletters and sent email :joy:

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I’m going to be doing the same, my plan is to create a custom Docker image and in the Dockerfile copy over my custom email templates.

Sorry for asking but what is a Docker image? Do you mind explaining what you’re planning on doing? Maybe I could learn something. Currently trying to customize my email newsletters. Thanks!

This is the correct answer. :muscle: Thanks.!

I edited signup.js to change the email.


I changed “:raised_hands: Complete your sign up to ${siteTitle}!” (What’s in between the Title tags) but the subject line in my email did not change. Changes I made to the body did go through.
Is this the right place to change the subject line?

Thank you.

Did you, after the change, restart ghost?