Email variables for membership tiers

I know it is possible (indeed, preferred) to include the “You’re getting this” message in your newsletters, in the footer. Obviously, this functionality reads the member data in the database and fills a variable in the message.

Is there a way to use this member tier variable in an email to members? I want to send an update to all members about changes to various perks, and include “You’re at {this level}, so look below for your current perks, and go here to upgrade.”

Is this possible?

Bruce, you could send a different newsletter to each tier. (Choose ‘specific people’ and then you’ll see a tier option when selecting who to send it to.) That’s not as easy as what you’re asking, but I think that’s the current way to do it.

Of course – I hadn’t thought of that. Duh.

I’d still like to know if grabbing variables is possible, though. I came from Mailchimp, and was able to create some pretty impressive merges using their variables.