Newsletter (Send Based On Tier)

I would love to see a Newsletter sending filter variables added as such (See photo at bottom for clear understanding of what I am trying to ask for)

Sending Filters Added
Is Equal To/Is Not Equal To

  1. Send based on: Different Tiers (Silver $9.95 vs Gold $19.95) or the option Of Paid vs Free is wanting to send to all paid or free members or ALL

  2. Newsletter
    Is Not Equal To (Newsletter A, Newsletter C) (Implying to send to all newsletters but A & C)

  3. Labels
    Is Equal To = Friends


Not Equal To = Family

  1. Member Added: On/Before/After
    Before 1/1/23

And just while we are at it, go ahead and make it the GOAT of Newsletters by being able to send based on Open %

  1. Open % = Less Than ≤ or Greater Than ≥
    Greater Than 50%

My Conclusion is I am not a code writer nor do I know how much work a task is for your team. However,I would think since we can already manually filter these things in the members dashboard, it wouldn’t be a lot to add this functionality to filter before sending. Also, it’s the only reason I still pay SendInBlue, which means if you added this feature, I would be willing to pay more for your product, since I would cancel my Brevo account. But would be cool not to increase the price on existing Ghost pro members.

Sorry I don’t know all the correct lingo, just a country boy from the sticks.

Photo from my Send In Blue Now Brevo Acccount.