Excerpt only newsletter and/or respect the public view content divider

The ability to change newsletters from showing all post content to only showing the posts excerpt.

I think many people would agree that we want to use newsletters to drive traffic back to our website. Having the full post delivered via email counters this key marketing strategy. This also leads to the problem of sending member-only full posts to free members.

Being that the admin already has newsletter design settings to toggle on and off publication title and featured image. A post excerpt / full post toggle seems like a viable solution.

Just as a short term solution: One way you can do this right now is to cut the part of the post you don’t want in the email, publish+send the post, then paste the rest of the content back into the editor, and save to update it.

I realise it’s not the exact thing you want, but it’s one way you can accomplish what you’re looking for right now :slight_smile:

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@ForestCityBuild Personally speaking I think this would be a fantastic addition, seeing how I don’t send out the actual posts within emails but rather just the email card. That being said, I’d amend your idea for some kind of a toggle that would limit emails to only sending out the email card content (as opposed to only the post excerpt content, as you suggested).

If you want to see the breakdown of the process I currently use for sending emails, that’s as follows:

The email card instead of the excerpt would definitely work too. Thanks for the tip.

@John It seems Ill have to do that for now though it’s not practical for scheduled posts since it requires you to quickly edit the original post after sending the newsletter. With my site I was planning a large portion of my content as scheduled posts.

Also my concern with this technique was that I was unsure if the newsletters were queued immediately upon publishing, or if they were processed through a background worker. Basically, is there a potential chance that I re-update the post to have the full content too soon before the background worker sent the emails causing people to get full content emails anyway?


Emails are sent using a background job, but the job is queued on publish - updating the post after that doesn’t affect the existing job

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This is a good requirement but with a caveat. There should be an a divider of sorts (maybe the public preview can double up for this).

So wherever there is a public preview of sorts, content above that will be visible to free subscribers (on email as well) and public (on website) and the content below would be visible only to paid members (on email) /logged in members on website .

Has anyone discovered a work around to only show an excerpt in a scheduled post newsletter? The suggested work around works while manually publishing a post, but not for pre scheduled posts.