Embed of a Flask App from PythonAnywhere

Hey all,

just finished my first coding project, a Flask app that shows social media stats from german parties. It’s deployed on PythonAnwhere and now i thought about to embed it here in a Ghost profile via iframe. As far as i understood there is no other option.
Anybody did something similar to this and can share some best practice?

Highly appreciate your comments!

You can embed iframes in an HTML card in the post/page. Hit the big + button when you’re on a blank line in the editor, and choose HTML card.

Hi @Cathy_Sarisky,
Yes, thanks. I discovered that. I thought there are some other options or ideas how to embed it.
Thanks and have a good night!

If you don’t want it in the main content area of the post/page, you could instead edit the theme files to put it wherever you like! :)