Embedded links displaying incorrectly since upgrade to 5.0

Home page, post summaries, embedded links displaying as text not hyperlink as in actual post. Still functional, but looks messy.

Updated to Ghost v5.0 today.
Wave template v 1.0.0
MacBook Pro Monterey 12.3.1
Safari v 15.4 (same error in Chrome)

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I’m having the same problem with bookmarks. They work, but the formatting is haywire and no images.

Yikes, that’s correct. For reference, here’s a bookmark card on a self-hosted instance of 4.48.0:

And here’s the same bookmark card on Ghost(Pro) 5.0:

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With 5.0 the default behaviour for card assets has changed.

Prior to 5.0, the default was to exclude the CSS and JS for bookmark and gallery cards provided by Ghost. From 5.0 onwards, the default behaviour is for those assets to be included in the assets served by Ghost, and I suspect conflicting CSS rules from this change may be the issue here.

To restore the same behaviour for card assets from 4.x, you can add this config to your theme’s package.json:

  "config": {
    "card_assets": {
         "exclude": ["bookmark", "gallery"]

If you’re using the official Wave theme (or any of the official themes), updating to the latest version should also resolve the issue. If you still see the same issue, I’ll be happy to take a closer look if you can provide a URL with an example of the behaviour you’re seeing :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re also working on adding a warning to GScan for themes that don’t have the card_assets property explicitly set.


Thanks for that, although it doesn’t seem to have fixed things on my site. I’ve DMed you with more info.

Edit: Works with your added update, thanks!

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Cool. Is there an ETA for when there will be a solution/warning for themes that don’t have the card_assets property explicitly set? The fix didn’t work, and I think that’s the issue I’m having.

Hey @jmac :wave: The warning is in the latest version of Ghost, and will be shown when you activate a theme that doesn’t contain the card_assets config.

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Matt, this warning was crazy confusing for me. It warns that “card_assets” will default to “true”, but this means nothing to me :confused:

The docs about card_assets also don’t explain what the v5 change means for existing sites and that we specifically have to exclude those two card types for sites to load properly. Can you fix this, so others can easily find a solution?

I’ve tried the code fix above but CSS is still being applied to bookmarks. See examples towards the bottom of this page: Style guide · Ali Abdaal Demo (Ghost v.5.2.0)

Hey @dan - could you share the contents of your package.json?

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OK. This means I can’t make any theme updates until this is fixed, right? I’m ready to launch a new site but still need to make some modifications before I go live.

I’ve tried


  "config": {
    "card_assets": true

Both of them show disformed bookmark cards.

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I’m having the same problem with bookmarks.

Any solution?.


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