Ember build stuck when installing from source


I’m trying to help fix an issue in the codebase. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to setup the project correctly. I’ve been following the steps for installing from source without any issue and reach the step where I run yarn setup. This runs without issue until it reaches ember build where it will just hang.


  • Left it running for a day just to make sure it wasn’t just being super slow
  • Running the tasks individually on a fresh clone
  • Adding -v flags where I can in the hopes of surfacing something
  • Made sure that all the ember-cli dependencies are 100% met

Version: Master branch
Configuration: Install from Source

Running "subgrunt:dev" (subgrunt) task
Running "shell:ember:dev" (shell) task

> ghost-admin@2.18.1 build /Users/john/Code/OpenSource/Ghost/core/client
> ember build
... (It just gets stuck here)

@jxhn what’s the output if you run ember serve inside the core/client directory?


Running both ember serve and ember build in core/client both just hang. However when I send an interrupt it pops out this error:

$ ember serve
^CCould not start watchman
Visit https://ember-cli.com/user-guide/#watchman for more info.
cleaning up...

Watchman is definitely installed, is definitely the homebrew package and is version 4.9.


This sounds like an issue with watchman. Do the commands watchman version (note that this is different to watchman -v) and watchman watch-list work for you?

First port of call if watchman is failing is usually a computer restart. There may be some alternative fixes that work for you in here https://github.com/ember-cli/ember-cli/issues/6259

If you definitely want to pin the error down on watchman you could try uninstalling it and then trying yarn setup.


Both of those commands just hang. I’ve uninstalled watchman and run yarn setup and it actually completes.

Can confirm yarn dev is also now working. Is it possible to just sidestep watchman altogether or is it necessary for me to fix it beyond this?


Watchman is optional, you’re absolutely fine to develop without it.

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