Cannot access Ghost Admin on a local Ghost install



I followed the guide here - - to get a local version of Ghost set up. The front end works fine and I can access that no problem. When I go to /ghost to access the Admin, I just get the loading image spinning forever.

Not really sure what the problem is as I’ve had local versions in the past and they worked fine.

Anyone else having issues?


To further this, I’ve just checked my browser console and I’m getting 2 errors which I don’t recall seeing in previous versions of Ghost I’ve ran locally.

Uncaught ReferenceError: module is not defined


Uncaught Error: Could not find module `ember-resolver` imported from `ghost-admin/resolver`


@CriticalRespawn this is a known issue that some of the ghost core devs have also run into on occasion. Best advice I’ve seen to fix it is clearing the yarn cache (yarn cache clean) and then re-installing node_modules for the admin client. If that doesn’t work, maybe try restarting the computer? Unfortunately that’s the best advice i’ve seen - please do post if you figure out a definite solution :slight_smile:


@acburdine Thanks for the reply, Austin! A combination of both your suggestions got it to work!

Do you think it’s worth mentioning this in the Troubleshooting section here?

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