Has anyone got the solution to avoid the error 'module is not defined' in ghost dev environment?

I know a previous thread was opened on this same topic but replies are not allowed there. I wanted to ask about the two ReferenceError: module is not defined and Could not find moduleember-resolverimported fromghost-admin/resolver`` errors that come at the startup of admin panel. Wanted to know if anyone got the solution to avoid this because everytime I stop my server and restart it, I experience this issue and then I have to restart my computer to get it working.

If anyone has any better way to avoid this, I would be glad if you share it here.


No solution at present. I’m hoping an upgrade of ember and ember-cli will help - it’s not just ghost where the problem occurs and it appears to have been caused by something in how macOS handles files

Thanks, Kevin. I understand.

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