Admin on localhost:4200 from fresh setup doesn't open because of errors


I’m following Install from Source setup tutorial. I’ve managed to successfully build client that runs on localhost:2368 and admin that runs on localhost:4200. I can can access the client part, but when I try to access admin part here’s the error in the console that I get:

what am I missing? Thanks!


If you’re using grunt watch The admin interface is located at http://localhost:2368/ghost

I don’t think ember serve is fully functional with Ghost


Thanks! Yeah, it’s working on http://localhost:2368/ghost. What’s localhost:4200 then? And I’m also seeing in the shell the address localhost:8080 referred to as application. When I open it, it’s a signup form. I can’t figure out what this is. Can you please clarify?


4200 is the ember default; I’m not entirely sure why it runs here. 8080 is for the members sign up application (not readily available for ghost installations, this is in development)


I see. Cool, appreciate! Are you contributing to Ghost? I want to start contributing myself. I’m wondering if you provide paid consulting with regards to internals? This potentially could save me hours to understand the sources.


I contribute what I can :smiley:

Feel free to post any questions you have on the forum, or if you want to hop on a call, DM me :slight_smile:

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Got it, thanks! I’ll DM you then, but I don’t see this possibility in your profile :grinning: Did you mean mention you in the thread somehow?.

I’m also right now have just a one more quick question - am I right to assume that the setup through ghost-cli is only suitable for custom theme development, which I assume is the content part?


The setup through the CLI is used for local and production installs of ghost. You’re correct in assuming it’s can be used for theme development :slight_smile:

If you want to do work on Ghost as an application, the CLI can’t do much there. The primary purpose of the CLI is to create and manage ghost instances :smiley:

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