Enhanced Bio, Byline, and Schema

NY Times released a press report today where they stated the following:

“This morning we published hundreds of byline pages in a new format that highlights the experience, expertise and ethics of our reporters, photographers, editors, and audio, video and data journalists from across the newsroom and Opinion. The new format, which we call enhanced bios, was designed to bolster trust with readers by letting them know who we are and how we work.”

Find the press report here: Our Redesigned Byline Pages | The New York Times Company

I would love to see Ghost move to more enhanced bios, bylines, and schema. This is increasingly becoming a core part of how blog posts rank and how audiences build relationships with authors, writers, and publishers. It builds trust, authority, and allows readers to learn more about the people they consume content from.

This is especially relevant in the AI-driven world where human touch still matters.