Error creating and editing posts with html in them

Error Creating and editing posts with custom html blocks in them

  • When I try to create and edit posts with html in them I get an error that also traps me on the page. I can’t leave the post I have to manually change the url to get off the page.

I would note that this happens only when I login I had a collaborator log in and work on this and he doesn’t have the issue. I tried clearing my browsing data, logging out and back in, restarting my computer.

The error banner shows this:

Ember AJAX Request PUT https://……/?formats=mobiledoc%2Clexical&save_revision=1& returned a 406 Payload (text/html) [Omitted Lengthy HTML]

Have you contacted Ghost Support? Since you’re using their hosted service, reaching out to them will probably help get the issue resolved sooner :slight_smile:

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