405 Error when saving settings

Issue Summary

  • I cannot add new tab there in the Navigation section - there is a 405 error after click “save” button.
  • I would like to be able to add new tab and save it properly.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Going to Settings>Navigation
  2. Adding a new tab
  3. Pressing “Save” Button.
  4. There is and error displayed: “Ember AJAX Request PUT https://…/ghost/api/admin/settings/ returned a 405 Payload (text/html) [Omitted Lengthy HTML]”

Setup information

Ghost Version
Ghost 5.14.0 + Dope theme

Node.js Version
Node 14.21.1

How did you install Ghost?
There were no problems after install. Ghost worked pretty well and there were no problems with adding new tabs there in the navigation settings.

Provide details of your host & operating system
Hosting Mydevil.net. Environment dedicated for Ghost installations.

Browser & OS version

Relevant log / error output

Ember AJAX Request PUT https://.../ghost/api/admin/settings/ returned a 405 Payload (text/html) [Omitted Lengthy HTML]


I have the same problem; anyone can help with this? In my case problem occurs when I trying to save already published post ( post have prismjs sections and the post was sent to the newsletter), or open some posts befor migration to new ghost version with have new ember editor.


The problem was related with WAF( Web Application Firewall) enabled on mydevil.net. after disabling it, problem has gone.

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