Error in members Failed to sign up, please try again

Latest ghost install from digital ocean
Debug Information:
OS: Ubuntu, v18.04.4 LTS
Node Version: v12.18.0
Ghost Version: 3.39.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.15.2
Environment: production
When I try to signup it gives the error " Failed to sign up, please try again Members "
try here :
these are the setting inside my ghost Labs

I’m encountering exactly the same problem right now. Were you able to solve it?

The email settings don’t seem to be an issue since I’m able to send test emails for posts.

I’m using the latest version of Ghost and the Dawn theme.

I had this issue and solved it by adding my Mailgun credentials to my config.production.json file: Member Login Errors - #9 by brooklet

yeah realy need help how to solve this one…

Hi @deddme ,

Just saw your post. And just solved it on my end. Hope it will assist you in yours!

Follow through from this link and the continued replies towards the bottom of the forum post, else you can read the whole forum posting to get a sense of the solution!

Hope it helps! ;)

Hii, sgrobert thanks for respons… really appreciate for that…
i will learn that post as soon as possible and give the result