Examples of complete websites using ghost, not just blogs



Sorry sure I am not the first to ask this.

Are there examples of complete websites running ghost I could see? This page only shows blogs https://ghost.org/customers/

Wordpress is bloated but at least its easy to make complete websites using it :grinning:



There are definiitely sites that run Ghost as a fully fledged CMS, but Ghost is designed to be an extremely powerful publishing platform. With Dynamic Routing you’re more likely to be able to create a standalone site.

So what it boils down to is Ghost (at the moment) isn’t meant to be a fully functioning website CMS, so you’re going to have to hack it a bit to make it work for you (i.e. custom renderer for the homepage coupled with blog posts being tagged something specific).

Since Ghost is designed to be a publishing platform they advertise blogs / publications which run their software. While it’s not impossible, you’re going to have trouble finding marketing sites which are Ghost-powered


thanks for the info. I will just stick to wp for the meantime


yes.I agree with your point


Here 2 exemples:

Made by Full Soluções Brasil


I’m actually using Ghost for a full-on online store.


I know that Ghost wasn’t designed for this, and there are definitely some quirks, but in the end it was the fastest/best choice for my needs. Ghost+Snipcart is a match made in heaven.


We’re using Ghost as the news site for our magazine. https://fertilityroad.com


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