Excerpt at the post level dont show the same as at page level - html issue

I am using the latest version of Ghost with the Ruby theme. My posts used the Custom Excerpt where I have a small text and one icon such as (<i class="fa-solid …>.
The Custom Excerpt at the page level is working well showing the small text followed by the chosen icons but at the post level, the icons is not shown but only the “code” (<i class="fa-solid …>

I checked the files post.hbs and pages.hps and i found those exact same lines of code in both file:
{{#if custom_excerpt}}
< p class=“gh-article-excerpt”>{{custom_excerpt}}


Do you have any advice, olution or code to be placed in the injection section or any other place to resolve the issue ?

Can you link a post with the problem and a page where it works? I’m guessing there’s a problem with the css selectors that ‘redraw’ the icons, but it’d be easiest to see it live. Or if you can’t post the page, post the exact css that should be changing the icons to icons, and make sure when you look at the post that this css is loading and applies to the icons that aren’t converting.

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. the website is internal but I made some copy-screen and other in the link below:

Hello again,
I found the solution but how do to it correctly. The tips is to modify the post.hbs file from {{custom_excerpt}} to {{excerpt}}

the next question is how I can do that on code injection and not directly in the file in order to make sure is not reverse back when I upgrade the theme!

You can’t use {{excerpt}} or {{custom_excerpt}} in code injection. That’s handlebars language, so you need it in the theme, not the code injection.

Thanks for the detailed pdf. Where is the CSS that should make that icon show up as an icon?