Problems with Facebook posts


Hi all, I’m new to ghost however when add a facebook post to a story, it renders correctly on the individual post (1) however on the main page (2) the post doesn’t render. I’m using the standard template shipped with ghost v 2.13.1.


Any ideas?



@lewo your site is private so it’s not possible to see what the problem is. Maybe starting with some screenshots would be useful if you’re unable to make your site public?


sorry forgot to save after removing the privacy option.


@lewo your homepage is using the {{excerpt}} helper, excerpts don’t allow HTML because it could lead to all sorts of problems due to HTML/styles interfering with layouts or from the HTML content being cut-off due to the restriction of content length.

If you add a custom excerpt to the post then that will override the visible script output.


Thanks @Kevin, much appreciated. If I add test and images before the facebook post he script code is removed as well. I’ll google the custom {{excerpt}} helpers thanks.


By “custom excerpt” I meant the field in the post settings menu, there’s nothing you need to change with regards to helpers or templates.

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