Post excerpt not showing + published post not matching draft

After upgrading to 4.0, I noticed that the published post doesn’t quite match what I wrote in draft in terms of spacing between paragraphs. Like, I can see in my draft that a paragraph starts right below a headline, but in the finished post there’s extra space as if I’d just inserted an extra

It’s not THAT much of a problem, but I’d still like to know why this is. Anyone know?

Also, the post excerpt doesn’t show up as it’s supposed to. How can I fix it? :slight_smile:


Can you share some details? Like which theme you are using, a link to your website and maybe some screenshot of what the issue is. Otherwise it’s hard to tell what the issue is.

Sure, sorry.

I’m using the liebling theme (version 0.9.2).

In draft, it looks like this:

And the published post looks like this:

This wasn’t an issue with Ghost 3, and I haven’t changed my theme or anything :slight_smile:

Probably the style of the Admin editor changed somewhat regarding the spacing between elements.
That view is just the editor, not a preview of the content with the actual theme. For that you have the Preview button available for drafts:

Ohhhhh, right, of course. I didn’t realise before now that preview disappears after the post is published, even when you go back in to edit it. So that’s why I didn’t even think of that.
Well, thank you for clearing that up for me! :slight_smile:

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