Explore Creators on Ghost - ghost site not recognized as ghost

I’m trying to submit site:


but there is message:

That ain’t gonna fly.
You’ll need to submit a site running on Ghost.

If I try another site: https://dataplotplus.com/ (which is with the same installation) I got success

  • Version: 5.19.1
  • browser Firefox

I don’t see errors in the logs.

If I try to submit the site from ghost admin I get message:

Something went wrong. Please try again or contact support@ghost.org

It looks like https://datascientyst.com/ghost/ has access control which prevents Ghost Explore from communicating with your site.

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Thank you Vikas.

Both are behind CF with the same settings.
There is one more site in similar situation which is blocked too.

In the browser there is error:

[HTTP/2 500 Internal Server Error 306ms]

I think that WAF the firewall in CF might be the reason.
I was comparing only the page rules.

Thank you.