Site not showing on Ghost Explore

Hello everyone,
I recently started a self-hosted personal blog & also submitted the same to Ghost Explore. However the site doesn’t seem to be visible on Explore.

I’ve seen this -
NSFW sites may still be found in the Explore directory, but are not featured on the homepage & so I did mark the site as NSFW when submitting, however the directory (manual search on Explore) doesn’t show the site. Does it take some time to get the site listed?

The site:

Can anyone help? Someone from the team could take a look? Is it because of the NSFW tag?

It is the NSFW flag that causes this.
If the site is marked as NSFW, it won’t show up in Explore in any way. Removing the flag & resubmitting the site fixes this.

My posts contain some language but hopefully all are in draft state as of now. A bit of refactoring is required but should work.

Cheers ya’ll.