Ghost Explore - Unable to add self-hosted instance

Hi All,

Just confirming it’s only Ghost hosted sites that can be added to ghost explore?

API for validation looks like it’s confirming against a ghost list :slight_smile:



Both self-hosted and Ghost(Pro) sites can be added to Ghost Explore. It’s open to anyone on Ghost! You do need to be on Ghost v5.8 or higher, though.

If you share your site’s URL, I can take a look :male_detective:

Hey Ryan - I’ve tried adding mine and receive an API validation error! :slight_smile:

“Unable to fetch verify Ghost site”

I think I’ve just found the issue as well. Cloudflare Zero Trust is protecting the api! ;)

It’s something to do with how you have Cloudflare configured. It’s blocking access to your site’s API.

Hmmm, Even with Cloudflare Zero Trust turned off this is still an issue. Looks like it may be a limitation of using Cloudflare Tunnels to Selfhost. :man_shrugging:

It seems so. The issue is that when Explore reaches out to your site, it meets Cloudflare’s request for a password and then fails.

Not sure if there’s a way to greenlight Explore’s request or make some other config change on Cloudflare’s side…