Failed to send mail (ghost newsletter)

hi there!
I was trying the new newsletter option in ghost. After checking the Labs configuration and a test mail ok I got an error while sending the mail using the option in Publish button.


  1. go to any post to publish
  2. select Publish right know and activate the option to send newsletter
  3. error will be shown: “Request path contains unescaped characters”

Ghost Version: 3.1.1
Server: Digital Ocean

What’s your mailgun configuration?

Hi John,
I uploaded some pictures with mi configuration.
What seems weird to me is that the test mail is working.
Will it help if I try the action publishing an empty post? O with simple letters?
Thank you for your time!

EDIT: also tried re-booting Api Key an It didn’t work

That’s not the correct mailgun domain - you’ll need to follow the link below that input to find the correct one.

The “Test email” UI you’re using is for system emails only and is not related to email newsletters