Feature request: table of contents

Hi all, I’d like to request that for Ghost-powered themes and Ghost Pro users, that we are provided access to a table of contents solution in our blogs and newsletters. This is not uncommon in the content world and shows professionalism to readers as well as allows them an easy way to navigate through long-form content.

Evidence that this is required is from Ghost themselves: they also use this solution for themselves as seen in all of their own tutorials, here is one example Open a Ghost theme in a code editor

I understand that there is a tutorial here. The problem is for non-coders and nontechies who are purposely using Ghost Pro and Ghost-powered themes so that they don’t have to do this kind of work is that its not an option How to add a table of contents to your Ghost site

If you’d like to see Ghost add a table of content, please vote above. Thank you.

I agree it’d be nice if this were built-in.

Having said that, this is doable with just code injection, if editing .hbs files isn’t possible or desirable. Which theme are you working in? Is this something you need? I have a perpetual case of “oh, that’d be an interesting challenge”, so if you pointed me at the theme (and at your actual site might be a good idea, too), I’d probably make you a “paste this one thing here here for instant TOC” thing just for the fun of it.


Thanks Cathy, my issue with code injections and the reason I don’t like WordPress is its a bolt-on solution. So every time there is an update to the theme, all my bolted on bits and pieces disappear and I need to re-add them. I use Ghost pro and the Casper theme.

I’ve switched themes and reinstalled themes and never had my code injection or any other site settings (except custom ones) disappear. I’m self-hosted, so maybe it’s different. If you change the .hbs, then yes, you have to be careful to not lose your changes, but I’d expect a code injection solution to survive an upgrade (probably without needing any changes).

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ah, you know better than me I guess.
I still think it needs a Ghost solution for dumbasses like me.

To reiterate @Cathy_Sarisky’s point: Code Injection does persist between theme changes and upgrades, so you never need to worry about those modifications being lost.

Really? That’s great if it does.
Still, I think the point stands, for non-techies, a table of contents is a great idea. Ghost themselves use it on their own blog.

Yes, this would be really useful for longer posts and could be automated based on the distribution of H1 and H2 headers through the piece. I am non-techie so having this as a new content block would be nice, rather than trying to figure out/commission code injections.

Biron Themes built this into their theme and you can choose to show or not show ToC’s on a post by post basis as there are multiple post templates to choose from. See the Nikko theme for example.

I would like to see this as a default feature and optional setting in post/page creation

Automatic table of content generation would be an awesome feature for more lengthy, complex posts.