Featured image in meta menu (NOT on top)

First off, let me say: I am beyond thrilled to be away from WP and block editor. That said, here’s one feature / option I’m missing. Sometimes I do not want to have a photo at the top of the story at all OR I wanted to do an embed like a map or video at the top. In that case, I would set the featured photo using the WP featured photo menu - and that is the image that would show up on the front page / archive pages / social / etc. Right now on Ghost, if I wanted an interactive map to be my main art, I think I would still need to have another image at the top of the story to avoid blank spots on the homepage (I could be wrong!). I’m using the Headline theme. Just wanted to suggest this OR see if there’s some way to achieve what I want that perhaps I’m missing.

I think what you want can be found is the following thread:

Also this thread:

Thanks! There are definitely good ideas there; I’ll take a closer look. I wasn’t sure it addressed the issue of - say — you want a map at the top of the story.

What I’m visualizing is a way to set a featured image (e.g. with another meta-type menu) that would not appear at the top of the page. Or maybe a toggle box to hide the featured image on the post itself. It seemed like all the solutions in the thread linked required coding that is beyond my reach at this moment — but I can imagine it might be useful to others if there was a super easy way to do it.

I did like the suggestion in the other thread about creating a template without a featured image; maybe that’s the best answer. (But then I’m not sure what appears on the homepage.)

These are generally <iframe>s. You can see the uppermost post on this index page of my site, which is a Soundcloud <iframe>. I made it so that while the embed is functionable at the top of the actual post itself, clicking on the mini Soundcloud embed on the index page acts as a link to the post.

Yes it did require a fair amount of tinkering/coding.

If you don’t mind tinkering a little with your theme files, which just requires editing text files, this tutorial worked for me: Different Hero Image to Feature Image in a Ghost Blog

Now that I’ve set it up, it’s a no brainer— just adding the hidden tag #nofeature lets me setup the post however I want while still looking good on my homepage. Here’s an example from my blog: This was a time

The hero/feature image is just a screenshot I took from the video. Hope that helps!

Oh cool – I will definitely check that out! Thank you for flagging it.