Federate over ActivityPub

There is rss-to-activitypub if one is willing to set it up. Could be a starting point for Ghost federation?

Right now, the only thing Ghost would be federating is the posts themselves (perhaps once for the whole site and once per author). Now that Ghost has a Content API, I’m guessing it’d be pretty straightforward to set up a more integrated federation system.

However, if you want to federate comments too, then this only address half the issue. So what I would propose is something in the middle that:

  • pulls in content from Ghost and pushes it as ActivityPub posts
  • displays comments back on the blog (something like Commento or Disqus
  • provide a link or login mechanism for people to comment with their Fediverse accounts
  • allows users to comment anonymously/with email if they’re not on the Fediverse (either by making dummy ActivityPub accounts, or having them as blog-only comments which don’t federate)

Additionally, the system could allow blog authors to link their Fediverse accounts, so post appear to be coming from that account rather than from a separate blog-specific account (ie. it puts the posts, on their behalf, on the main server). Not sure how good an idea it is, but it’s a possibility to think of.

That sounds like an idea for a separate project though, rather than something in Ghost itself (which doesn’t even handle comments right now). Perhaps it could be built out into a separate “Ghost Comments” module…what do you think?

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