Federate over ActivityPub


You do understand that Mastodon is a part of the Fediverse, do you?


Likes are there so that people don’t litter the comment sections with “yeah”, “uh-uh”, “+1”, “cool”, “ok”, etc., or at least do it less. Some platforms, like Misskey even have a little more choice in regards to reactions beside just “likes”. All in all, it’s basically a part of social networking language. You like something - there’s a button for that. You want to say something of substance about it - there are comments/replies. If you agree something so much that you’d sign every word of it - reblog then.

Of course, it all should be optional. If somebody don’t want it, they don’t have to deal with it.


I am well aware of what Likes are for, thank you. I’ve just seen increasing evidence over the past 20 years or so that they create more problems than they solve.


Likes, +1, and so one are the Cancer for Comments in Generall.


I was looking for this since I am hosting my peertube and soon a pixelfed.
I was thinking of federate this way different blogs reviewing video games for example in one instance, then mastodon user can follow the post this way.
It would be like from twitter account having news from kotaku and youtube the same way: that’s just wonderfull in all points.
Maybe it is far from ghost idea, but for me it is an amazing one that could be inside the project.

There is for example write [dot] as that works this way.