Federate over ActivityPub


Looking forward to Ghost joining the Fediverse !

I tried blogging multiple times in the past years but always gave it up feeling something was missing, and I realized when discovering Plume that federation is the thing, unfortunately that project is inactive.



I tried some of the RSS-to-Fediverse projects/services but ran into one issue or another. Last month I released a web hook integration that makes Ghost a 1st-class citizen of the Fediverse. I specifically wanted my fediverse address/domain to match my Ghost domain, which the RSS services seemed to struggle with. For example, my blog is https://quigs.blog and my Fediverse address is @quigs_blog@quigs.blog.

If you use Ghost Pro you will need to use a subdomain (Eg: @username@fediverse.example.com) unless you pay for Ghost Pro Enterprise and have access to the same reverse proxy/url rewrite tools as a self-hosted option. More info can be found here:

And here: I wrote a Mastodon/Fediverse/ActivityPub integration for Ghost

Any feedback would be appreciated!


I am 100% in support of the fediverse, and of Ghost being a key player within it. Wordpress already has a plugin to allow blogs to federate, and we should definitely have the same option, but built directly into Ghost. This has to happen, and I have removed my vote from a less important issue in order to allocate it here. Go get it Ghost!

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WriteFreely/Write.as is lighthouse testing advanced theming capabilities similar to Ghost’s handlebars templates, plus it is written in Go which is a very nice and, importantly, safe language. Since the ActivityPub fediverse support is baked in already, I think competition is heating up (:

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