Fetal Errors in uploading theme dont quite know what im doing

im using ghost 1 on firefox quantum and im getting fetal errors when making a theme. ive never used ghost before and im trying it out because i got a year free domain. i tried importing a theme and this showed https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/ca00053a-e639-4c5f-98a2-6e7a146bb536.png

is this something i need to change to my personal info or is this a dev mistake. i dont really know for sure what im doing yet so any help woould be appreciated.
thank you,

The migrate your theme to 1.0 docs highlight this problem, so your theme is probably designed for Ghost < 1.0 - you need to either update the theme yourself, contact the developer and see if they will fix it / if there is an updated version, or find someone else to update the theme.

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