Add themes to ghost

I want to install a new theme on ghost. but I am getting the following error. how do i fix this
Error: Not all page features are being used

This error only applies to pages created with the Beta editor. Some page features used by Ghost via the {{@page}} global are not implemented in this theme. Find more information about the {{@page}} global here.

Affected files:
  • page.hbs: @page.show_title_and_feature_image is not used

You are trying to upload a theme that hasn’t implemented a change from a few months back. You can either ignore the error or fix it:

When I ignore it, the entire theme does not load. How can I fix? I’m not using the beta version, can I still fix it?

Please have a look at the thread I linked above. It has the “fix” in there.

Yes I saw it, thank you. but I think the above solution is for beta version and I am not using beta version. I’m looking for a solution for those who don’t use the beta version.

There is no beta version anymore. The new editor has been rolled out a few months ago:

If you still see “beta editor” anywhere in your Ghost admin, you might be on an outdated version.

So, the solution in the thread I linked will work – I know plenty of Ghost sites using it in the current non-beta-new-editor versions :wink:

Normally, this error doesn’t prevent the theme from loading. Is there a second error?

Yes, the theme is installed but all its features do not work.

Okay, for us to help you with that you will need to give us a bit more information. What theme are you using? What are the issues?

I downloaded the Gwen theme from Envato Elements and uploaded the zip file through the admin panel. I received the error above when I uploaded it. When I clicked continue, the theme was uploaded but it is not working properly. My code is as follows:

Please tell us “not working properly” means.

My first best guess is that you haven’t set up the theme in some way, or it just looks weird because you don’t have any content on your site. (This is a total guess since you haven’t linked your site, but it’s a common source of confusion for new users.) You’ll want to check the documentation for that theme - it might need a routes.yaml file uploaded, or some custom variables set.

your initial guess might be correct :( Below is an example of the theme and a screenshot of my own site. Why is the slider section not showing up on my page?

I would usually tell you to refer to the theme documentation, but……the one linked on the Envato page it non-existent :upside_down_face:

This theme looks like it was ported from a Wordpress theme: Gwen - Blog & Magazine Elementor Template Kit, WP Template Kits ft. blog & clean - Envato Elements

So, honestly, no idea. This is not a theme that we usually see here in the forum and without analysing the code base or having a documentation, it’s tricky to pinpoint what specifically you’d need to do.

All theme settings in Ghost are located in Settings → Design & Branding – so, if the author has set anything up, it would be there.

I’ll take a wild guess that the slider is ‘featured’ posts (mark them in the right settings menu of the post editor), and the top section is probably the site’s cover image (set under design & branding). But it’s absolutely a guess. It could also be that the theme is supposed to have a special page with that content, and you’re going to have to either read the code (start from home.hbs if you have one) or contact the theme seller.

Another option if this is a recent purchase would be to ask envato for a refund, if no documentation is provided. (I’d peek inside the theme’s .zip file first, because there might be some there!)

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