`files` folder no longer present in a new ghost instance

I have been using Ghost for a single blog for over 2 years and today I decided to create a new blog using Ghost. Both these blogs will be running in the same server but I have managed to set things up and I can access the blog.
But while rummaging the files and folders created I don’t see the <ghost-instance>/system/files folder anymore. Moreover, the nginx config files created in /etc/nginx/sites-available aren’t symlinked to .conf files in the files folder. Its the same case for the service in /lib/systemd/system
It has been a while since I fiddled with Ghost as I was happily using the 3.x versions.
Did something change in the cli? Is there a config I am missing or did I do something manually that I have forgotten now. I should note that I started the earlier blog, the one having symlinks using Digital Ocean’s 1-click install. Was that setup created by DO themselves?
Some screenshots showing the files