Filter members based on delivery failure

As a newsletter writer who likes to keep his list as clean as possible, I like to remove members who will not read my emails anyway. Blocked trackers and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection have made it difficult to use open rates as a reliable signal for low interest.

One signal that remains reliable (I believe) is failed delivery. In the detail view of a member, email status distinguishes between sent, opened, and delivery failed.

It would be very helpful if that information were somehow accessible as a filter on all members, as well, allowing me to remove all members who have had, say, 5 failed deliveries in a row.

Update: I just noticed that failed deliveres don’t count towards “Emails sent (all time)”. That gives you a proxy to work with. E.g. you can set a filter to “Emails sent (all time)” < x and combine it with a filter that gives you users who have been members for a while (e.g. a label with import date), that gives you a list of members where delivery has failed most of the time.

Being able to filter by signup date (before/on/after dd/mm/yyyy) would help a lot, obviously.