Email bounce rates and debugging

I’m using Ghost Pro, and I don’t see any metrics for bouncing emails. I’d love to know how many members are actually receiving my emails, how many are bouncing, etc. When I’ve used email platforms in the past, I had ways to dive into the data, see how many bounce backs we were getting, etc.

This data is available via the Mailgun dashboard for self-hosted installations of Ghost, however I’m not sure whether Ghost Pro gives you any access to that because I haven’t used Ghost Pro before.

I’d like to see this too. I’ve used Ghost a few times for some newsletter efforts, and both Ghost(pro) and self hosted. While I appreciate that Ghost(pro) is setup and maintained as a service, there is very little visibility into deliverability if there is a failure. With self hosted, you can go into Mailgun’s dashboard and start poking around to figure out what happened, but it still takes time.

Perhaps a summary email/spot in the dashboard at the end of a delivery effort similar to campaigns in various email delivery tools (Mailchimp, MailerLite) showing any errors and the specific accounts/emails associated with them would help troubleshoot issues.