Finding posts that are sent but not published (Solved)

I have some posts that are sent to members, but not published on the site. I went looking for a previous one to copy something out of it, and realized I could not find it.

So, unless I am missing something obvious (certainly possible), there is no way to access something you only send by email. I looked under Published – not there. It’s not a Draft, and it’s not Scheduled.

Please tell me I am missing something, and it is actually easy to find posts that are only sent via email.

yeh it can be tricky to find. I find it by going to general “posts” and scrolling down, you’'ll see that Mail symbol next to the email.

it’s not under the “published” section.

OK, that helps. Since I moved my site to Ghost from Wordpress, I have (probably) 100 draft posts that got imported by have never been published. So, I never scroll through the posts list. Thanks for replying.

I would think that “Sent Only” would be a thing in the admin screen, now that that is an option. Perhaps it will get added at some point.

TO STAFF: I think it would be helpful to have a way to filter on “Solved” so that threads that are solved are not listed in the main forum list.