Sending post as newsletter after already sending it once

Using Ghost v4 on Ghost(PRO), I’m trying to

  1. send a post with different email only sections to different lists (e.g. what free subs see is different from what paid ones get)

The way I was doing this is 1) create the post with the email-only sections for free users,
2) publish and send only to free
3) edit the post by changing out the email only sections to ones for paid
4) briefly unpublish the post
5) publish the post and send to paying members only.

However, now it appears that if a post has been sent by email when published, you can’t go back and re-send it by email. The options are just gone.

Am I missing something? IIRC, this used to be possible.

If that option’s gone, then how can I do what I’m looking to do – or what should be done if a post isn’t sent to the right lists the first time?

Indeed, the earlier version of Ghost 4 allowed this

That’s never been possible, there’s a 1:1 mapping of a post to an email so you can’t re-send after already sending. If you need to email different content to different groups then it will need to be multiple different posts.

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