Footnote markdown after import of WP posts

I imported my WP blog and all looks good but I notice I cant use the default Ghost editor to edit those imported posts. Normally I wouldnt mind but have a post with multiple footnotes.

Is there a way to add footnotes via the HTML?

Hi! Welcome to Ghost!

There are sort of two big options for doing an import. #1 is to let Ghost convert the current page’s HTML for you. That produces a post that can be easily edited in the editor, but the conversion can be lossy, especially if you have complicated html in your posts. #2 is to import the entire post within an HTML card. That’s not lossy (although you may have to adjust styles since your Ghost theme probably doesn’t include all of the ones in your old posts), but it produces a post that exists in the editor as an HTML card, which means you’re editing the HTML if you need to change it. It’s editable, but you’ll have to wrangle the HTML to do so. Not a big deal if you need to fix one broken link. Rather a nuisance if you intend to do major rewrites.

In many cases, where the post content from the old site is pretty complex, it’s a trade-off between ease of future editing vs. easily getting everything to look exactly how you had it on your old site.

I see, thanks, Ill just manually edit the html to change things up as its not too many links.


I think that’s what I’d do in your shoes. And just know that going forward, you’ll be using the awesome Ghost editor for your new posts.

Speaking of footnotes, this recent forum thread may be helpful: Footnote support in editor - #51 by kutschkerf

And here’s a link to my favorite footnote solution:

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