Forms in Ghost 4.x (2021)

Hi, was wondering what everyone’s using these days (Oct 2021) for handling forms on their Ghost 4.x installs. I did some searching and the old tutorials are gone and there doesn’t seem to be much readily available information.

All I need is a simple “get a quote” form that people submit their email to. Separate from becoming a member/subscriber

You mean like Formspree?

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yeah true Formspree was one and maybe the main one. I guess that’s the main one.
I was wondering if there are other options people are using. I’ve seen:

WuFoo Forms
Google Forms

Just curious if other options people like.

We recommend Formspark. It’s nice that you don’t have to subscribe to a monthly/yearly plan. You can simply purchase a bundle for $25 and that should be enough for a long time.

We use it on our website to get quotes too.

It’s also good that tou can setup a Webhook URL and send the data to other tools.


thanks I’ll give it a try

I highly recommend Formspree. It works very well. Reasonable pricing.

I’ve also tried using Typeform and would not recommend it at all.

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@DonaldH thanks for the recommendation. Even Formspree I’m not too fond of at this point. I am liking the Formspark option. I think it has a more fair pricing model for small creators