Formbutton by Formspree - Contact form magical solution

I know contact forms are a pain for Ghost blogs (for non-coders)…I recently found Formbutton by Formspree, which allows you through a simple footer code injection to have a popup form with a persistent chat icon at the bottom of the screen (Intercom style):

More info here:

Formbutton (

Very easy to style, add fields, etc.

I find it’s better UI, it encourages more inbound

I’m still trying to figure how I can put a link in my header that would deploy the form (b/c most people are used to seeing contact link in header).

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I take it that you are not using the signup button from the Portal? UI with two buttons crowded?

Right - but you can position the button in another location and also change its appearance. Also, since that form can accommodate any number of form inputs, you can also make it into a combo contact / subscribe button

I like the idea but personally I think the pricing is too high. It seems like absolutely every piece of code these days wants $10+ per month. Starts to really add up.

The Formbutton thing you can connect to any form backend you want, most of them have a free tier, including Formspree…I tried to do a PHP form, that might be an option if you’re self-hosted

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