Fotos / images - some doubts

I searched but couldn’t find any solution regarding the size / dimension of fotos / images in posts. Yes, there are this three options (big - bigger - biggest). But it is impossible to add a wanted, self-choosen size (width / height) that fits in the post?

Further it is not possible to add an alignment (left / right / …) to put the image “inside” the text which is “flowing” around the image?

Regarding the gallery: the images for the gallery are really big on the site. 9 images in the gallery and youre site became 1m of length. There is no option to put in thumbnails and if one clicks on it - larger / original size (maybe kind of lightbox)? So one spends lots of space with fotos who doesnt want to see everybody in a big size version.

Thanks & Cheers


The image size in posts will depend on your theme’s CSS. You can find more details on that implementation here:

Which theme are you using?

Most themes, by default, show images as block elements, meaning that images won’t be inline with text. However, it’s possible to add inline images, either by modifying CSS or using the HTML card in the editor.

I’m not sure what you mean with the image gallery question. Please say more.

Hi again,
yes, before I asked I already read thsi article you posted. But thats not my problem. Yes, I found it - I could change the dimensions for all images via CSS. Bad solution. What I was asking for / searching: a way to change the size of one image in a post. Or maybe two. Just give the option: “image width: 250px” not only big / bigger / biggest.

Yes, because it is in a separate block the alignment or imbeded in floating text is impossible.

I tried several themes. At the moment I am using “Headline”.

Regarding the gallery: would be great if the selected / uploaded images would be like thumbnails on the site (small size, lets say 100, 150, 200px width) and if you click the pic you get it big (like lightbox for exmple).

But OK. It seems that it’s impossible to edit the size of single images in a post.