Free Single page theme available?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a simple free single page theme, something like ghostscroll but which works with the latest version of Ghost (I can’t make it to work because it’s like 6 years old I guess).

This style of theme would be perfect :

Any hints ?

Thank you

Not Ghost, but what about Hugo? If you don’t need a blog, it might be a good way to go.

That’s a good suggestion, thank you.
But Ghost runs on my own (home & little) server, I don’t want to mess the config by having multiple httpd servers, services, languages etc. to maintain, that’s why I’m looking for a simple Ghost theme, or one similar than the one used on the site I listed above.

BTW, if you search for “single page ghost theme” all the answers cite Ghostscroll, even if you add “2020” in the request !

You can feel to contact us for a small project. We could create a one-page ghost theme for you.

Thank you, but if I wanted to pay for a theme, I would not have been asking here, I would have bought one directly !