Getting internal server error when I try to write a new post

Much more info needed but I’ll take a guess: are you on something other than MySQL 8 and just upgraded ghost to 5.21 or 5.22?

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I don’t know what version of MySql I’m on, it true that I recently upgraded to 5.x after not having upgraded in a really long time

(I think it’s safe to assume you’re right, if that’s the case, how do I upgrade MySql?)

This is the version of MySql I have at the moment. It looks like 14 somehow?

Okay, I might be in the process of solving this, am trying to upgrade ubuntu now and I think this will update mySql

Yup. You were on 5.7.

As a stopgap, if you need a temp fix, ghost 5.20 does run on MySQL 5. You could force the downgrade.


Thanks for the tip!!

Am upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 now hopefully I won’t need to.

I’m thinking of upgrading again to 22.04 right away after since I already here, does that sound like it could be a bad idea?

Upgrading Ubuntu will not change your database from MariaDB to MySQL, so your best short-term option is @Cathy_Sarisky’s suggestion to downgrade to 5.20.

Changing to MySQL is relatively straightforward. It would be helpful you shared details of your hosting arrangements. Ideally, you want to clone the current environment or migrate to a new server running MySQL and a newer OS.

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thanks, I was on digital ocean, I just made a new droplet!

(it’s all solved now :) )

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